Guest users able to see "last viewed" in activity log on boards

Experiencing an issue whereby Guest users can see the Last Viewed in the activity log. This reveals details of other users, including guests, which is preventing my boards from being data and privacy compliant.

I would like to use a single board and make use of the Enterprise level permissions to restrict the ability for Guests (Clients) to see any data about one another, while managing their tickets through a single board in order to standardise the process and provide easy reporting.

Everything works, apart from this one issue, which is revealing private data.

Some screenshots:

Screenshot 2024-06-24 at 13.34.51

The behavior is really odd in my opinion, and privacy should be paramount. There is no need for guest users to see last viewed that I can think of.

Wondering if this is a bug or expected behavior.

Hey Francis, thanks for sharing! I just sent you a direct message to get some account-specific info so I can help you out :slight_smile: