Guests on teams

We want to invite our customers to Monday to be able to view the projects that we have under way. It gives our customer the ability to view the project in progress, and for us to provide complete transparency. That said, we do not want customers to be able to see other customers projects. To do this we need to be able to invite them as a guest, and add them to a team. Adding them to a team keeps people associated with their company only being able to view there projects compared to all of our projects. I realize this can be done by utilizing a different board, but we don’t want our staff having to switch between boards. We would need 20 different boards which only makes life much more complicated.

I believe being able to add guest to teams not only fixes a huge issue for us in Monday, but it also gets Monday exposer to hundreds of potential other customers. All of our customers are other companies.

Hey Trevor,

Thank you for your feature request - we recognise there is demand for this feature :raised_hands:

In order to ensure we have all votes counted to put greater emphasis on this features development, we have merged your request into the existing feature request.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Supporting guests on teams