Handling a three way board connection


We currently have an use case where we have three boards connected in a triangular way like the following :
Those are all two-way connections.
Here’s the use case we have:
Each Account as several projects and when we spend time working on a project’s task we register a new item inside the “worktimes” board, inside this board we need to provide various information including the project and the account concerned by the worktime.

The fact that we need to provide informations that are already available inside a linked record makes us loose some time as we need to do those manipulations several times a day.

We’re aware of the builtin automation which allows us to connect items based on matching columns, but the “connected board” column type isn’t supported in it.

In order to be able to use this kind of logic between our boards, is it possible to either make the “connected board” column supported for this automation OR make the recipe block that allows to select a column from another board available for developpers so we could make our own automation ?

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Raphaël F.

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If I understood correctly what you want to do, I believe this could be achieved using a custom action (workflow block) and custom fields.

You could create a custom field “board” that’s a list of all your boards and then a “column” field that queries the different columns in that board. The second one should depend on the first one. The dependency will be passed to your server in the HTTP request.

Does this make sense?

Let me know what you think!


Hi Mathias !

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

We’ll need to run some tests to make sure it matches our need but it does look like it would.
We didn’t think to do it that way so thanks for the lead, this might aswell answer some other needs we might have in the futur.

I’ll mark this as solution !

Have a nice day !
Raphaël F.

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Glad to help @rfremont!

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