Help with R-Y-G Foumula across multiple columns

How can I apply a formula like below so that it references the column with the last date added running left-to-right? Meaning replace {Stage Date} with columns {Intial MMS}, {Survey}, {Final MMS}, and {Qualified Win} so that the formula reads left-to-right across the date columns and uses the date furthest to the right of the four columns as it’s reference date for the formula and R-Y-G outcome? Typically would be thinking of an INDEX/MATCH/MAX formula if in Excel.

Current Formula used that works well with a single date column reference:
IF(WORKDAYS(TODAY(),{Stage Date})<=10,“:green_circle:”,IF(WORKDAYS(TODAY(),{Stage Date})>=15,“:red_circle:”,“:yellow_circle:”))

Sample of board with highlights to illustrate concept:


I would recommend creating an interim formula column:
IF({Date4}, {Date4}, IF({Date3}, {Date3}, IF({Date2}, {Date2}, IF({Date1}, {Date1}, ""))))

Then point your first formula to the new formula.

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