Hide columns through API


Is would like to extract some information and store it in an item that I’ll create through the API. The problem is - I want to save some metadata that isn’t relevant to the users. I thought of saving it in a column and then have it hidden from view.
My question is - can I hide a column through Mondays API?

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@Helen is this possible? I see “defaults” as a JSON string you can pass to create_column mutation. Is the option for hidden in there? Also, what other options can you pass to “defaults”?

I have a similar requirement and preferably would like to store metadata against the board instance.

Have queried the board and columns to see if a hidden column gives any json setting information as per @mrautomation’s idea, but nothing appears to be relevant.

At present I think my solution will be to create a template with a hidden column already created within it, then use that template when creating a board through the API, setting data values within the column after creation. Work ongoing so will let you know how this works if suitable for you @cybercortex

Hi all!

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@cybercortex @mrautomation at this time, implementing column permissions is not possible using the monday.com API.

Regarding the “defaults” argument, I’m getting clarification on this for you now!

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