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Is would like to extract some information and store it in an item that I’ll create through the API. The problem is - I want to save some metadata that isn’t relevant to the users. I thought of saving it in a column and then have it hidden from view.
My question is - can I hide a column through Mondays API?

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@Helen is this possible? I see “defaults” as a JSON string you can pass to create_column mutation. Is the option for hidden in there? Also, what other options can you pass to “defaults”?

I have a similar requirement and preferably would like to store metadata against the board instance.

Have queried the board and columns to see if a hidden column gives any json setting information as per @mrautomation’s idea, but nothing appears to be relevant.

At present I think my solution will be to create a template with a hidden column already created within it, then use that template when creating a board through the API, setting data values within the column after creation. Work ongoing so will let you know how this works if suitable for you @cybercortex

Hi all!

For future reference, our developer success team monitors all and only the posts posted under the “monday Apps & Developer” section, so I will be moving this post there.

@cybercortex @mrautomation at this time, implementing column permissions is not possible using the monday.com API.

Regarding the “defaults” argument, I’m getting clarification on this for you now!

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Hi @mrautomation and @cybercortex!

Apologies for the delay regarding the “defaults” argument.

I just heard from our devs and let they me know that the defaults argument will have different formatting depending on which column type is being created.

To see the formatting for a specific column type, it’s recommended to first query the settings_str for an existing column of the same type on your board. You can then see the correct format for that column type which can then be inputted into the new column’s defaults argument.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns at this time.

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