Hide Subitems from Cards View Widget

Hi! Is there a way to hide sub-item cards from the cards view widget on dashboards? I only utilize the sub-items to link supplemental information back to the main item/pulse. So, in the cards view widget at the moment it’s creating unnecessary duplicate card views [One for the main item, and then a separate card view for the sub-item].



Can someone pls respond here? +1 as there’s no need for sub-items in cards view. Thx!

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Any help here? I’m having the same problem with unnecessary subitem cards.

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Hi @tmanee,

It’s one of the reasons we tend to stay away from subitems where possible. Unfortunately, they’re much less capable and have a few quirky limitations, like not being able to delete them once added, and in this case, not being able to filter or remove them out from the cards view or cards widget on a dashboard.

However, if you find yourself stuck in how to build your workflow into the platform and wishing for someone who can understand what you’re trying to achieve and either show you how or do it for you -

Send us a message or reach out directly:


Team Easy :slight_smile: