Hide subtasks or original name column in sharable link view with code?

Monday already uses code to hide certain columns from sharable link view. I was wondering if any one has tried to embed monday view and then use code to either hide subtasks or else hide the whole main name column. If I could even do the latter, then I would be able to create another text column that has the name as well and show it.

Hi@zkendall ,
It is possible to use code to customize the view of Monday.com and hide certain elements like subtasks or the main name column. Monday.com provides an API that allows developers to interact with their boards and customize the way data is displayed. Using the API, you can embed Monday views into your application and manipulate the data shown.

To hide subtasks or the main name column, you would need to use the Monday.com API to fetch the data and then use client-side code (JavaScript) to manipulate the view and hide the desired elements.

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