Ability to Delete / Customize First Column (Item Column) In Every Board


Having the Ability to Delete / Customize First Column (Item Column) In Every Board has been bought up a few times, using different descriptions, yet it is the same issue. See posts from:

  • Feb 2020 - delete item title column first column

  • Dec 2021 - hide and or customize title columns

  • March 2021 how do I switch the first column the item name with another column

It seems like a very illogical feature as each monday.com client will have hugely varied businesses, hence why (I’m sure) ‘columns’ were set up to be fully customizable. From a ‘behind the scenes’ perspective, I’m sure this makes sense to the team at monday.com as this is how the platform was developed (originally designed for the first column to initiate the creation of the line item, or as sometimes described by your team, as “the entrance” for the item), but for us as users, this doesn’t make any sense at all as it is free text, so any inputs become fully inconsistent across the platform.

After reading a few posts from other members, ways that people deal with this is to manually add numbers in each line item (to use up the space somehow) which is inefficient and frustrating, while others duplicate entries by adding data in this column, as well as in a customizable column - because the latter ensures the data is more usable.

Given this is the ‘entrance’ to each board, in my opinion, this should be a high priority fix to ensure new users to the platform are not deterred and those who have been on the platform for a while and have still not seen a shift are not frustrated enough to seek out other platforms on the market.