High level board, task late in a project

there is a way to have an indication about a task is late in a project in a high-low level board configuration?
We have progression, schedule, global effort but no indication about a late task.

Is there a way to do this?
In this way in the top level board we can check if any project is in trouble.


Hey Davide,

Are you working with mirrored columns that might be causing the roadblock here?

Can I ask if you could utilise conditional colouring to either colour the cell/row when the date falls outside a range OR utilise automations to set a status to say, overdue when the date has passed?

Let me know your thoughts!

Hi Bianca,
thanks for your aswer.

I don’t think conditional colouring could be enough.

I try to explain better.

I’ve configurated some new portfolio view, where every row is linked to a project.
Every row in the portfolio view show some aggregated data or board data of the project,
like timeline, project progess, requested resorces.

Inside “actual timeline” there are some task on late.

Without using automation, is it possibile to have mirrored colum showing that the project has some task on late?

Thanks for your time