Countdown to launch date - HELP!


I’m busy laying out a holistic high level project plan to consolidate the many lower level plans that contribute to the whole.

My high level project plan is grouped by weeks counting down to the launch date.

All lower level plans are grouped by project/phase within respective category, each plotted with their own timelines and deadlines (project and budget deadlines)

What I’d like to do is pull items from all my lower level boards with due dates into the relevant week category in the high level board to get a holistic view of the overall project progress broken down per week.

Is there any way to create a rule or recipe that equates to this somehow?

i.e. all pulses/tasks across all boards with due date up to 26 July to be copied to high level board week 10 (20-26 July)

Please help :scream_cat:

Hi @LMG, Lisa-Marie,

Interesting use case. Did you have a look to a dashboard widget to consolidate all your lower level plans? E.g. a dashboard timeline (which can be changed to day / week / month) views showing all tasks in the connected boards. Depending on your plan you might hit a maximum nr. of boards in a dashboard (PRO plan currently allows 10).

As an alternative to a dashboard view you could consider to use an app like the one I created (currently to consolidate statuses and numbers). See Monday app with automations released for more details. This app could be extended to use timelines but I am wondering if you want a consolidated timeline (like one timeline for all tasks in lower level plan) or if you want to show all (sub) task from you lower level boards.