High volume social media publishing

Hey all, my first post on monday community and I’m excited to learn from some veterans!

My company publishes 1,000+ videos each month on social media at a fairly consistent weekly slate, so it’s effective to manage publishings as items on monday.com, but has anyone found an extension that allows for more nimble use on the Calendar Week view?

I upload programming by timeslots with relevant metadata - publisher, post titles, social platform, etc… - and love the view’s visibility, but find myself incredibly limited by the lack of features. It is so limiting that I often purge my items needing an update to just revise them back in Excel, since there I have the luxury of copy and paste. The lack of such feature in Calendar view my only issue with this amazing software. It’s also perplexing since a right-click menu is already used so effectively in Main Table view.

FWIW I only use Main Table and Calendar view. Would love any insight or advice!


Hi @bnagle :wave:

I’d love to better understand the limitations you’re running into with the Calendar view, and the features you’d like to see added.

If I understand correctly from your post, it sounds like one of these limitations is not being able to copy and paste tasks within the Calendar view - is that correct?
Currently we don’t have a copy and paste feature like this, but I can definitely see how this would be a useful addition!

If you do tend to have the same kinds of items / events that you need to add to your board on a regular basis, you might like to consider checking out our recurring automations.
This allows you to set up automations to add new items automatically on a set basis - say, on the 3rd of every month.
You can find these within the automation centre:

Could this be an option for you?

Once I have a little more information I’ll be able to do a deeper dive into this and we can go from there!



Hi @Dani,

Thanks for the insight! That is super neat and there may be a future use for recurring item, but in the current workflow I don’t see it helping. We use the board mainly for social media publishing… think “X platforms at 8am, X platforms at 9am,” for about 100 posts any given day. Thankfully that content is divided between numerous brands and I only see about 20 as of now, but as we scale up I will continue building our bespoke board(s) and other automations in Main Table view (mostly project statuses), so am trying to get ahead of the issues before they get more clunky.

We’ve recently been acquired so a lot is in transition. Maybe in a year we’ll be in place that the publishing schedule isn’t changing every few weeks, but that is not the case and staff on this project is limited. Moreover, multiple fields for each item are changing, from basic post metadata (Title, Copy, team members/emails) to links of files t from the company G-drive, so more actually changes than recurs. If there were a way to populate designated fields of recurring items and truly cut out Excel, maybe recurring items would be the answer, but we are still “building the ship” and Copy & Paste really are the answer.

Bulk selection and dragging from week-to-week is another great opportunity. If we have the same video intended to go on Twitter, IG and TikTok (an item for each, subitems do not suffice) but a publishing it missed, or we decide to bump them all forward a few days or full week, I need to go into Main Table, type in the shared characters in their name, select all and change their collective ‘Post Time’. If I could shift+click them all right there in Calendar Week view, then drag them over to the right side of the browser window and prompt it to take me to the next week, well, that’d game changer for our entire department.

I can provide an Excel printout of some items on the board if it will give you a better sense of the metadata involved, or give you a quick tour of our day to day if you think there may be another workaround or potential features that may come out of this.


Hi @bnagle

Thanks so much for coming back to me and expanding on your workflow - it really helps to have this context!
I can definitely see how in this case the recurring automations wouldn’t be so useful.

I wonder if it would be helpful to instead import into your existing board for your schedule each week?
You can import items into an existing board and use this to add or overwrite existing items.
Read more on this here: Excel Import and Export

In regards to the Calendar view improvements, I can definitely appreciate how this would be a useful addition to the platform for yourself, and I’m sure for other teams too, so I would highly recommend opening a thread in our Feature Request section.
Here other users who would also like this added to the platform will be able to upvote the feature!
You can find this here: Feature feedback - monday Community