Copy paste from Excel Column to Monday Column

Good day. I would like to copy a column from excel and paste it into a column in Is there any way to do this?

not that I’m aware of. This would be a very helpful function. I’d vote to have this.

let’s ask the team! how do we do that?

you have my cote on this

this is the first thing I tried to do when I joined monday, seems that is should be easy since you can copy and paste the pulse names

I’ve been able to copy one column from Excel into Monday but when trying to do the same in another column, it pastes all the information into the cell. Would love some help with this task, if anyone can help… please take note of this request and pass along to developers. This is a key (and I assume fairly simple) update to functionality. We work with many Excel spreadsheets and need to be able to bulk copy-paste between Excel tables and boards. It’s great that you can bulk paste into item names, but without the ability to also bulk paste into other associated columns like text and numbers, it severely limits the power of using and Excel together. It’s also a huge time waster having to copy-paste data 1 field at a time. Thanks. FYI - there is a second feature request thread for this same topic: Copy/Paste into columns of numbers/text.

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Thank you @hdurey
I will pass this request along to the relevant domain. Right now though, have you tried the import from Excel feature? I assume you have but wanted to check :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, I have used the Excel import extensively. The problem is that I need to be able to bulk-copy-paste Excel data into items (and their associated fields) on existing boards / groups, and that need is not addressed by the Excel import function that can only import data into a new board.

Hi all! Thanks for the feedback on this, I appreciate you taking the time to highlight your current pain-points for this and we see the need. I will be sure to pass this along to our team and have them take a look for planning.

We appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


This is one of those things that I just tried to do because I’m used to being able to do it. But it doesn’t work outside the first column. Really decreases efficiency for me.

Hope you will consider adding this. Thanks!

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