Copy Column and Paste in a different Board

Hi Monday community!

We are standardizing a lot of our board to look and feel the same … (for later quantification)

Anyhow, I find myself recreating the same column (Drop down) each time for different boards and WISH I could COPY the column and PASTE in a different board.

Please consider this update as it would be very helpful! I know that you might think duplicating the board might help, but it’s too much of a work around … I really need to copy one COLUMN and PASTE to others and since it’s a drop down column, it has a lot of options and it’s time consuming to type each time in each board.

Thanks again! Alex


That’s a good idea Alex. Duplication already exists so we’re just missing the “move column to x board”


Great ask indeed. This would save a lot of time, creating the same dropdown column (with 12 items per dropdown in it) over and over. I think your question also will be answered with the suggestion made in this issue; Board types (synching board types and bulk updating)


What would also be great is if you can duplicate one pulse multiple times - so choose how many copies to make! :slight_smile:


It would also be really good if you could just duplicate a pulse without it saying ‘(copy)’ at the end of each pulse and perhaps where you want to duplicate it to like another group or board.

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Hey @alejencia, @Krishele, @Eltjo, @hannahrobbins, @dplcharlotte

Thank you so much everyone for sharing your thoughts. I think these are all amazing ideas and love the engagement from everyone on this thread. Please keep this up. :slight_smile:

I will be sure to pass this along to our product team for review. Keep crushing it on the platform.


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