Copy Column and Paste in a different Board

Hi Julia, please let community know that column templates has a bug disappearing data when moving pulses to other boards with same structure.

Hello, I would like to do the same, but for the tags column. For now it does not replicate the values when I set it as a template. Also, as I update the tags in the main board, I would like for those tags to also be available in the other boards. Let me know if I am able to do this already.

Thank you!

So is there still no option to simply COPY a column? So far, only thing is to MOVE TO which I don’t want to do and I hate duplicating items because of the “copy” that is defaulted at the end. I understand there is a new templates feature, but this applies to all items within a single board. All I want to do is duplicate a column, sometimes two) of data into a new board I created. Thanks for your help!


The only option i know is that you can create templates from status and dropdown columns which later are easy to add to new boards. Worked good for me

I haven’t tried the templates feature yet so I will give this a shot on my next opportunity. Appreciate the prompt response!

The column template feature is ONLY available to “Enterprise” subscriptions? Is this a JOKE?


Don’t know what the JOKE is, it works perfectly in my non-enterprise account

@basdebruin I’m seeing enterprise only as well. We have a Pro plan.


Hi @rick, I am on a Pro plan too. Time to contact support I would say :slight_smile:

Hi @basdebruin, I did, and they confirmed: ONLY available on an Enterprise subscription.

Maybe a monday club membership helps?

I confirmed as well. Enterprise only. From support:

“The column template feature is an enterprise feature that we sometimes offer to some users who are a part of a beta program test. I would be happy to grant the feature to your account to trial for two weeks!”

I’ve started a new topic on this issue, I hope they reconsider locking this behind enterprise.

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I also see no reason why this should be enterprise only. I am on a Pro plan and this feature is such a common place need that it should be available for everyone down to the basic plan.

I request that this feature be unlocked from Enterprise only use.


I’m furious. This is a basic requirement. I’m having second thoughts about continuing my subscription.


I have access to Save Column as a Template. I’m on a Pro plan.


@JohnW see my comment directly from support above: Copy Column and Paste in a different Board - #32 by rick

If you are on a pro plan then as support mentioned above, you will likely lose that access since you were probably part of the beta testing that they offered for a limited time. It has been confirmed that this is an enterprise only feature, but that they grant temporary access for trial use and testing.

@TyeZ Thanks for the update. I saw the comments above but found them confusing since I still have access on my Pro plan. Thought it would have disappeared by now.

Poor approach to testing by Monday.

They should beta test with the intended end users. Not beta test Enterprise features with Pro users then snatch it away.

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Also want this feature as a pro user.

May I add that this should work at the task and subitem level.

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