Save column as template locked behind enterprise?

This seems like a rather arbitary feature to lock behind Enterprise. It would be very helpful for us, but we’re not able to pay the premium for Enterprise when we only want this one small feature of it, and we would never beneift from things like onboarding which is why Enterprise costs so much more in the first place.

Pretty please can us pro tier people have access to this feature? :upside_down_face:

I also see no reason why this should be enterprise only. I am on a Pro plan and this feature is such a common place need that it should be available for everyone down to the basic plan.

I request that this feature be unlocked from Enterprise only use.


I totally agree. It is actually a very obvious and simple feature, but of great help. It does not make sense to be available only for enterprise accounts.


I agree. This is such a basic feature. Other task and project management software have these basic features. Why so stingy, I thought this is supposed to be a time saving app.


This is honestly the biggest joke I’ve seen in a while. I’ve joined a company that uses on the Pro plan and in comparison to Asana, it’s not even a comparison. This is the most basic straight out of the box feature that saves everyone time and makes people happy. Instead I’m sitting here creating columns left and right wasting my time. I’ve tried to give an honest shot and I’m honestly considering moving our entire company off of it. Another brutally annoying feature is the inability to create sub-items within sub-items? I mean seriously…this is basic. This lack of depth forces me to waste so much mental energy thinking about how “deep” a board needs to be before making it. In Asana, each subitem has its own side menu where everthing is contained. For example, let’s say I have a COMMS Strategy Board in Monday > then an Email Section > Then 5 emails > Then in one email I have a sub-item to create images > THEN, what happens if I need a sub-item for each image in there? I can’t break it out like that. I basically just have to dump everything in there or break the logical progression of the board’s structure and start over. It’s honestly ridiculous no one has thought of this on your product team. I rarely fume about stuff like this, but every day I find something with that piles on and these two features alone have slowed my PM efficiency down by more than I can imagine.


I agree with you. I truly regret moving to Monday. I have spent way too much time and the gaps just keep growing. I am on the pro plan and basic common sense functionality is either lacking or locked up behind the enterprise plan.

Moving to another platform right now will cause overwhelm for my team which makes this even more frustrating.

I am actually surprised that Monday got the kind of great reviews it did considering there is a considerable number of what I consider ‘basic’ task management that is missing. Simple things like

  • I can’t nest subitems
  • I can’t move subitems from one task to another
  • Column templates are locked up for enterprise only - the time wasted on duplicating dropdown values is mind boggling
  • Automations are rudimentary. I can’t apply an automation to existing cards without first going and manually triggering each one. I can’t combine initial conditions etc
  • I should be able to link each task to a different board without having a separate column for each one. It just becomes ridiculous
    etc …

It’s exhausting.


The feature splits between pro and enterprise have been baffling to me. Add to that list the new feature being tested right now to limit visibility of an item based on a person column. Availability is limited to enterprise, at least for now. Splitting functionality into four separate product/pricing tiers makes absolutely zero sense to me.


Dear team,

please understand that the enterprise plan is simply not affordable for a lot of your pro customers. This feels like a hard sell / forced conversion. Why not make your customers fall in love with your product and its usability, instead?

I am sorry for speaking up, but please consider changing your plans / policy.


+1 to all the points here! Enterprise is not affordable and the fact that I have to duplicate manual work on multiple boards is making me consider going elsewhere. Your enterprise plan is not affordable for smaller businesses


@monday-moderators @monday-team @CSG @CXS

What are your plans to make this accessible to us “unworthy subscribers” that don’t have the enterprise plan? This is not what I would call and enterprise level feature, this is something that we can all use.

  • Are you panning on adding it to the other paid plans?
  • Can this be a paid upgrade on the other paid plans?

At the very least, I think we would appreciate an explanation as to why this is ONLY available on the enterprise plan.

Can we get an update on this being available to other plans, or at least an explanation as to why this isn’t available to other plans?

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I’ve just stumbled across this today and am in full agreement with the comments above. Locking this behind an £8000 per year plan is simply ridiculous. Seems like all the focus is on the marketplace instead of developing features that actually save us time.

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