Save column as template locked behind enterprise?

This seems like a rather arbitary feature to lock behind Enterprise. It would be very helpful for us, but we’re not able to pay the premium for Enterprise when we only want this one small feature of it, and we would never beneift from things like onboarding which is why Enterprise costs so much more in the first place.

Pretty please can us pro tier people have access to this feature? :upside_down_face:

I also see no reason why this should be enterprise only. I am on a Pro plan and this feature is such a common place need that it should be available for everyone down to the basic plan.

I request that this feature be unlocked from Enterprise only use.

I agree as well. Being able to save column setup as templates and thus quickly and easily keep your boards consistent should be a Pro feature. Unhappy to see Monday begin to take this type of feature and make it Enterprise only. Not very small business friendly at all.