Select mulitple cells - copy and paste

Can you please consider the ability to copy and paste cells within a board?
We often have bulk updates where the cells might be the same and i spend a lot of time just manually clicking on status or date fields where in excel i could just bulk copy and paste


Just for the record, are you already using Monday’s Batch Actions wherever possible?

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Thanks so much John for sharing this info! I didn’t realise the batch edit also worked with column data! Problem solved :smiley:

No worries, @Naomi. Glad to help.

I save time every day using Batch Actions to update dozens of rows in multiple columns.

It’s a slightly different workflow in Monday after years of muscle memory updating Excel at high speed but I soon got the hang of it.

like this or different?

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This is something I need asap too! Thanks for posting Naomi.

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I use all the batch actions whenever needed and are very helpful. However, in order to copy and paste items/subitems, you have to duplicate and then select to move to another board and it always adds (copy) to the end of the duplicated rows, which then I have to remove. It would be great to have ability to copy items and subitems and then “copy to” another item or board without the extra steps of duplicating.

I need the ability to select multiple cells and either be able to copy them or paste them. Often, I will need to input mass data which is different per row eg different date for 20 rows or add in external IDs for a bunch or rows. This means I cannot select them all and change the content of a cell as I need different data in different rows.

Also, I would often need to select multiple cells and copy them out eg into excel or an email. Currently, I have to export the data and manipulate it a load. It would be really simple if I could select eg 10 rows x 4 columns and then copy or paste into them

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