Copy and Past multiple columns

I have tables that I want to copy/paste as subitems into Monday. I’m allowed to copy/paste the first column of a subitem, but I’d love to be able to do it for the second one as well. For example, I’m trying to paste in a list of items and the quantity of those items. The list of items I can paste in, but all of the quantities I have to import manually.

Hey Sharon :wave:

Would you be able to elaborate a little further on your request here? Are you hoping to copy the parent item columns to subitems, in addition to the item name?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

I’m hoping to take a table column from excel and copy it INTO a secondary Monday subitem column.
My manager said that you can only copy into the first column of a subitem (the one the far left). However, I’d like to copy my data from excel into the second, third, fourth etc columns.

Thank you for clarifying Sharon - I see what you mean here! To confirm, your request aligns with the existing request here, Copy and Paste from Excel column to monday column? If so, we will go ahead and merge the requests to increase votes, and put greater emphasis on this need!!