Duplicate Column from Main Item to Subitem

I want the the subitem to have the same columns as my main item. The main item has dropdowns and status columns that would be time consuming to recreate in the subitem columns. Is there a way to match the columns in my main item to the subitem?

save the item column as a template and then add it to the subitem

I need this too. The suggestion to save the column as a template is a good one but it is greyed out. See screenshot.

I know I’m late to the game here, but I just found a way to get this to work. After you have the item columns how you want them: create an item and then at left click the three little dots, and “convert to subitem”. You have to choose a parent item.

Then when it tries to match columns, you can tell it to add the column instead. And then it does! I hope this helps (and makes sense). It works best if you don’t have any subitems yet.


THIS WORKED! Thanks :slight_smile:

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@cdeberry thanks for adding this trick, it worked and saved me tons of time!

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Hi all. Is it possibile to sync a column value from main item to the same column of the subitem?
For example Data column on main item. I want to have the same data value on the same column of each subitem of the main item.


There is a easier way to add the main item’s columns to the subitems.
In the subitem header, if you select the three dots at the end of the columns of the header, you will have the option to copy the columns from the main item.

Word of advice, even if the columns in the subitem header have the same name as your main item columns, these are lacking the formating (ex. the status labels are the default ones, not the ones you have set in your main item). My suggestion would be to delete all the subitem columns and then add all then ones that you need from the main item.

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This was sooo useful!! Thank you!!

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First of all the “copy sub item” should either create a sub item without any columns, or give us the ability to edit the default item column value. We should not have to delete columns that we don’t want that are defaulted in.

It doesn’t make sense to have the “copy parent columns” option, but then you have to select the parent columns you want. There should be a “copy all” option so we don’t have to manually select each individual column to copy.

Again, if we had the ability to edit the default column setting we wouldn’t have to do this either.

I just discovered that once you do the “copy parent columns” on a board, then every time you add a sub item on that board it will have the same columns you selected (without the default columns)


Hey Claire @cp40 ,

there is a nice new app out there that does exactly what you are looking for. It’s called Batch Hero for monday and has among other things the following feature:

  • Copy Column - easily transfer configurations from one board to others, ensuring a uniform layout across your workspace. Batch Hero supports all column types available on monday.com, providing you with a cohesive setup without the hassle of manual replication.

You also get other really great actions like Add Column and Delete Column across multiple boards.

Might be worth keeping an eye on. I think it will definitely help you with your first problem mentioned here. And best of all, it’s totally free.

Hope it helps!


Everything was consistent accept for ‘add column part’ as it only allows me to covert them. Can you share a screenshot of this step from your side please?