Duplicate master columns to the sub-items

I want to duplicate the columns from the main item to the sub-item. I know that I can save each column as a template and add them to the sub-item column, but this is a really manual process. Is there a way/functionality to replicate the master columns to the sub-items with just a few clicks?

Hello @janelegall,

You can check out the Toolkit app, which allows you to easily copy and paste column values between boards.
In your case, select the main board and the subitem board. Subitem boards are named after the main boards, for example, if the main board is called “Board A”, the subitem board will be called “Subitems of Board A”.

If you need any help with the app, you can always write to support@kolaai.com

I am not trying to copy column values, rather column headings. It is time consuming to have to recreate the same column structure into the sub-items row

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