Home page: default vs. dashboard

I’m new to Monday.com so please be patient . . . .

So, I’m supposed to put up an “Account Governance” page. But I couldn’t find out where to put it. So, I created a new Dashboard with Text widgets and added it here. The Account Governance template title says “Welcome to XXXXX monday.com home page”, so I assume this is supposed to be the Home Page. So, I changed the home page default to dashboard.

Now, there’s no way to access the default Home Page. There were some things on the default home page that were useful. I’d like to have the “My Workspaces” widget, and all the Learn & get inspired links.

How can these be added to my custom Dashboard?

Hey Gerald,

Great question.

At this time, I am afraid it isn’t possible to add those homepage widgets to your custom dashboard or access both the homepage with the default dashboard, but I totally agree that it would be extremely helpful to have as widgets to include. I encourage you to submit this as a feature request so our other community member can add their vote :raised_hands: