How are you all publishing your builds?

Hi all!

I am curious how others are publishing their builds(wether it is from a custom URL or by upload). I’m wondering because I am having problems running opening my Monday App on accounts other than my own and Im worried that the fact that my builds are published via upload may be causing the issue.


Hey @EricMonday

That does sound quite odd! Just to make sure we’re on the same page here, what kind of error are you facing on the accounts where you haven’t uploaded the app?

Perhaps our community experts like @basdebruin, @rob and others can clarify this?


Hey @EricMonday,

from my expierence the best way to publish your app is by making a build.
When your app is developed with React for example. There is a very well documented and easy way to do so.
Server and client side.
Here you can have look at the React docs.

I’m pretty sure other libriarys and frameworks have something similiar to the React docs.
Here is the version for Angular for example.

What you basicly do with React:

Step 1:
You do a production build out of your code with

npm run build

Step 2:
use a packaging manager like 7zip on the automaticly assembled build folder

Step 3:
and upload your app.

For Step 4: you publish your app and share the link with other accounts.

If it’s aclient-side app, it will be hosted on monday and you don’t need to worry about anything, except maybe bugs which found their way in your application.

I use the Custom URL Version of the build with ngrok , only for development since you can get your applied changes instantly. Additionally as soon as you turn off your machine, have an unstable connection or even cut the connection, your app will go offline.

Hope I could give you a insight, which can help you.
Don’t hesitate to ask any further.



Also before I forget check this awesome post.

Big ups to @basdebruin


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