How can I add the "notify x *after some time* to my custom automations?

Hello everyone,

I want to create a custom automation that goes as follows:

If status changes to “done”
and only if status is “xyz”

notify “person” after some time

There is a template that has this “notify after some time” element in it; however I can’t seem to add this to custom automations - it is only possible to create an automation that immediately notifies the person I choose. Am I missing something?

Thanks for any help!

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curious about this too! have you found a work around?

I would think you can do this with two automations to do this…
Add a DATE column called “NotifyDate” (which you can hide on the main view)

  1. If status changes to DONE and only if status is XYZ then set NotifyDate to Today
  2. When DATE+X arrives Notify PERSON

The 1st automations senses when you status values are met, and then sets the notifydate
The 2nd send the notifcation at the right time.

You can extend this, such that a 3rd automation that Clears the NotifyDate if another condition is met.

Hope that helps.

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Hi mlands,

I was having a similar issue and have used the following automation. I think when using the ‘due date’ feature you can edit the ‘when’ variable to achieve the outcome you want?? Hope this helps.