How can I override a cell in a formula column?

I have a board with multible groups and many columns.

There are 2 columns- “cost” and “cost with sides -+0.80”
the formula is: SUM({P9 Cost updated 09.05.23}+0.80)

There are some items that have no sides (therefore the .80 cents does not need to be added)

Many other colums and items in groups use this formula. Is there a way to remove the formula column in just one item or group?

Hey Meghan!

Charlotte here for the team! :wave: Happy to help out with this! :blush:

So you won’t be able to exclude certain items and groups from this formula but you can use an IF formula to return a specific value or text (e.g. “N/A”) in the cells where there is no correlating value in the “cost with sides” column.

You can learn more about IF formulas here and different use cases here.

Alternatively, if you want to keep your formula as it is, you could use conditional coloring to specifically color cells where there is a value:

What do you think about these ideas? Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there! :blush:

Hi Charlotte,

If I change the item to N/A in the cost with sides column it changes them all to N/A

Based on this sheet, will you please write it for me using N/A as the IF?


IF({Cost}="N/A","",SUM({P9 Cost updated 09.05.23},0.80))