Need Formula to Apply to Entire Column Except One Cell

Is it possible to have a formula that applies to all cells in that column, except one cell that needs to equal a set amount?

This is the current formula:

{Guaranteed} * {Guaranteed Fee} * {Guar. Loan Split %SGCL}

But the issue is that one cell in this column can’t run off this formula, it simply needs to result in a cell that reflects 30,000.

How do I go about this?


Generally, the way people deal with situations like this is to determine (or create) a way to distinguish the items that need to be handled differently. For example, you might create a status column called “Type” that is set to “different” for the one item that is different. Once this is done you can use a formula like this to do the calculation:

IF({Type} <> "different", {Guaranteed} * {Guaranteed Fee} * {Guar. Loan Split %SGCL}, 30,000)

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