How can I send group emails from a Monday board?

Is there a way I can send a group email from one of my Monday boards?

I’m aware that I can send multiple individual emails in one go, but I want all recipients to be included in one email so that everyone is included in all future correspondence from that email chain.

Is there a way of doing this? If not, can this be included as a feature?

For instance, can you allow users to quickly input the ‘Text’ column into the ‘To’ field of an email in Monday? I can put the list of required emails in the Text column and this can be a good enough workaround. Or allow the user to input multiple emails in the Email column?



Hey @jclarke,

Is this along the lines of what you’re looking to achieve?

Or are you more-so interested in sending an email to multiple emails address that populate the email column of one item? I ask this, as mass emailing is currently being rolled out to accounts on our sales CRM product, so I am interested if this solves the roadblock here?

Let me know :slight_smile:

Hey @BiancaT - yes, this is exactly what I’m looking for - however, when I tick the tick boxes on the left hand side, it doesn’t come up with the email icon on the ribbon at the bottom. It has Duplicate as the furthest left option, but not email.

I’m trying this on my contact page and I’m ticking contacts where the email column is filled in. Do you know why the email button doesn’t show up for me?


Would you be happy to send me a private message with your email so I can check on this for you? :pray:

I’d be happy to but I can’t see how I can send you a private message, sorry. I’ve clicked on my profile and looked for the messages icon but it’s not there. Can you please advise? Is there another way I can give you my email?

Alternatively, here is a screenshot of my the banner at the bottom where the email icon doesn’t show up. I’m using Chrome to access monday if that is relevant.

Any questions let me know

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the confusion here Jamie! I will need to check on this internally as to why this inbox feature isn’t appearing :pray:

I have reached out to you! Let me know if you receive the notification!

I also am interested in bulk email. I have the correct plan but when I tick the boxes on the board the banner is the same Jamie - no email icon

Hey Mike,

To confirm, your account has purchased the sales CRM product?


Apparently query has been forwarded to technical people