How do automate 'when a number column changes in board X update number in board Y to match'

Hiya, We have annual boards that track funds raised by platform (daily June 31 - July 1st) so have 33 number columns. I’m trying to then create a YoY separate board to add a group per year which would mirror this allowing us to utilize YoY data.

Is there any way to make an automation such as ‘When May 1 column changes on 2023 May Awareness board then change number in column May 1 to this number (and only if in group 2023 May Awareness)’

Connect/Mirroring won’t work as I’d end up with 68 columns in total…

Any ideas how to do this?

Hi Sinead!

Forgive me if I am not accurately understanding what you’re looking to do but would one of the following automation recipes work? :blush:

In these recipes, they detect changes in one board and connect it to the same type of item in another board.

Let me know if this won’t work and we can try to figure out another workaround!

Hi @CharlotteK - thanks so much for sharing! I have had a look and don’t think this answers the need (unless I’m missing something)

For more detail - I have one board dedicated to our Many Awareness campaign each year - these have 9 items, representing donation platforms and a column for each day of the campaign (Previous to May 1, individual columns for May 1 -June 1, and a Total formula column), like the image attached.

I then need a separate board that shows just the total amount raised per platform each day across all the years, like the image attached - but not set on any particular layout as long as I can show the figures clearly.

I would like for the total column on each respective annual campaign board to mirror into this YoY board.

The purpose is, throughout May our Campaign Director could be asked ‘where we we at this point last year, how are the figures looking day-on-day YoY’ She could just go into the yearly boards and compile that data manually - but trying to get her a way that our CEO and others can go look themselves.

I have created total YoY dashboards but the charts are far too data heavy to do YoY daily numbers

I guess what I’m trying to do is similar to in an excel sheet I can display a number from a separate tab in a cell using a simple formula, which I don’t seem to be able to do in this instance

Thanks for the help

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