How do I easily find the Color Index value for Zapier?

I’m working on changing the status column if something is logged a certain way in another program.

Everything works right, I’m just having a hard time finding the correct Color Index for the status.

How can I find these values easily? We have about 10 different statues I’ve created.

I’m looking for the same answer, did you get one?

I have not yet. I’m going to reach out to their support today and I’ll let you know what they say!

I got this from support lastnight. They said that there are new colors that just came out so they will be updating it soon.!

Color Index|290x325

Awesome! Thanks for sharing that!

No problem. I am having some troubles with it though for some reason upon testing not all colors are loading properly. Their technical team is looking into it for me and will likely have an answer tomorrow.

Hey @cmiller, I got an updated index from the support team. Here ya go!

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This is so great! Thank you for sharing this with me!

Which value does one use in Zapier? The status index number or the status label number?

It’s the status index number.

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Weird, here the numbers are completely different, and zapier doesn’t even let me use numbers higher than 19, hope the new monday module on zapier fixes this.