Old statuses showing up - colors changing and more

Yesterday we had a number of old statuses show up, and had color changes on existing statuses. I cannot tell if this was something WE did, or if there is a technical issue.

With that said -

  • Where can we track who made these edits to status? I can see when someone changes status from A to B, but not when someone is editing color/text.
  • How do we limit which users can edit status colors/text/functionality? Is this through board ownership?
  • How do we maintain consistent statuses and automations across multiple project boards?

We have the same problems between web and android platforms.

@hlopezvc Is this a recent issue, or an ongoing one?

recent, and in some boards im seeing this issue a few months ago

Hey @AZQA and @hlopezvc, could you write into support@monday.com about this issue? Then we can take a look and see whether it’s buggy behavior and needs to be escalated to our developers. Screen recordings (you can use useloom.com and send us a link_ or screenshots indicating where the color changes are are particularly helpful for us to understand what may be happening.

@AZQA, these are a lot of good questions :slight_smile:

  • There is no way to track who edits the color or text of status labels, I’m afraid. If you’d like users not to be able to edit individual status columns, you could use column permissions: How to create column permissions?

  • You can limit which users can edit boards by using Board Permissions :+1:

  • You can keep statuses consistent by making columns from template or creating default status labels.

From there you can find the column you’ve saved if you scroll down in the column center. You can also set default status labels across the account by going to the Admin >> Customization >> Boards tab:

These labels will automatically show up in all status columns that you add.

Hi @TRB-monday.com i have already opened a ticket in support@monday.com. Beside this there Is some persistent issue when you traslate status color/values between boards vía automations. Sometimes a status color Is added in Target board keeping the text values with no reason to so this…

Thanks that is helpful information. We have already corrected the issue - if it occurs again we will contact support.