How do I embed a Monday board on my own website?

How did you guys do this?

Is this feature available for users? The ability to show a board on our own websites?

Check out The Broadcast View

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Thanks that worked for me!

Q: What does the thumbs up that shows up on hover of each pulse do?
Q: Is it not possible to view the updates/info boxes on a broadcast view?

I don’t actually use Broadcast View myself so can’t help you there unfortunately. If you do a search in the community for Broadcast, I know there’s been loads of other topics about Broadcast View. Maybe you’ll find your answer there or a post you could ask the question on with people more familiar with the feature.

Hey Jaewoo,
Could you let me know which thumbs up you are referring to?
The broadcast view will display your board but you won’t be able to access the updates/info boxes from there.
In order to access them, you will have to go back to your original board.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Could you let me know which thumbs up you are referring to?

I think Jaewoo is referring to the thumbs up icon shown in the screenshot below, which only appears when hovering on an item:


This is currently a test we’re running which lets you “like” an item rather than a specific update in the board!