How do I get an email notification for tasks I assign to myself?

We assign a LOT of tasks to ourselves but can’t find a way to track those. The automatic email notification is what we generally use as our to-do list but half of our tasks aren’t being emailed because we’re tagging ourselves. Is there a way to change this?

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I’d recommend checking out the My Work feature!
This will automatically collate all of your tasks you are assigned to, and order them by date and status.

You can then easily see all of your outstanding tasks in one easy to manage list. This will be automatically updated as you add new items to a board or change the status / date.
You can also follow other team members in My Work, to get a better overview of your teams tasks on any given week.

In terms of the email notifications, if you find you aren’t receiving email notifications as you should be, I’d recommend reviewing your notification settings.
You can find steps to do this here: How Can I Change My Email Notifications?

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Hi! Unfortunately it doesn’t give you the option in settings to get an email notification for tasks you assign yourself. It says “when someone” which apparently does not include yourself. I also tried assigning a task to myself and it does not show up in My Work either.

Frustrated and confused by the same issue, I confirmed with a rep that this working “as intended”(not getting emails when assigning yourself). I provided several use cases for why this doesn’t work (and why My Work doesn’t solve the problem) in hopes that this may be adjusted going forward.