Turn off email notifications when I assign myself an item

Many of you will relate to this – when creating a new Monday board where I assign myself to each item, I end up drowning in email notifications. If I’ve assigned myself, then no need to alert myself! If someone ELSE assigns me, that’s a different story and I do want to get notified about that. Could the Monday team allow us to customize email notifications to only get notified when assigned or subscribed by another person? Thanks!

Have you been able to figure out a solution? this would be great! Or if someone else changes a status then notify me, but if I change a status then don’t notify me.

This feels like it would be something able to be setup in the notification settings, the ability to turn off ‘self-notifications’… but also like something that should be enabled by default (i.e. default being no self-notifications).
If someone wants to receive the emails, then they can go ahead and disable the setting.

Did anyone figure this out? Thanks!