How do I Import an Excel contact file with separated fields for first and last name?

My Exported Excel file has first and last name separated in 2 separate fields but Monday Leads Import is asking for just “Name”. It seems Monday combines first and last name into a “Name” field. Can Monday separate first and last name in the import process? If I map first name of the exported file to the Monday Leads “Name” field what happens to the last name of the lead/contact? As a new user this seems like a difficult first step to a fundamental and simple but obvious task.

Matias.Monday Could you or someone you assign help me with my question regarding importing leads with separate first and second name fields. I have been trying to get an answer for 2 weeks now. Thanks very much, Bernie Dandridge

The “Name” field in refers to the item name. All items (rows, if you like) in have a name. You can use it for any purpose.

One reason you might be getting confused is that you’re familiar with excel or other spreadsheet software. is more like a database.

A simple solution to your problem is to create a text column and call it “Last Name”. Then you can pull the first name into the Name column and the last name into your new “Last Name” column.

Good luck with your solution!

Hello Francis! Thank you very much for responding. So you are saying that for me to match the separate first and last name fields I have to create a new column titled “Last Name”. will that new field show up in the Import screen shown in my message above? Bottom line I have to manually create a fix as the system is setup to singularly work with a total “Name” field i,e, John Doe, John P. Doe, Dr. John P. Doe, Dr. John Paul Doe, Dr. John Paul Doe III, etc. My question then is how do you handle salutations? I assume the system can do a mail, email, or text merge. Do I also have to create the salutation field? What is the general purpose of the “Name” field as it was created in

I am asking these questions as I am a very experienced CRM user and I need to understand the way your system best functions and what processes best fit the system. I started using CRM’s in the late 1980’s when ACT! was in DOS. I later changed to SalesForce in its early days which I paid for out of my own pocket. I created my own fields with both systems. I have been a sales professional in the financial services space for a long time and know the importance of a great CRM system but integration is very important. I work with 3 groups which have to be managed in the system: referral source, client, lender. All 3 categories can be Suspect, prospect, or a successful relationship and need to be on a call rotation and receive informational pieces. Thanks Francis.
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Thanks Francis. I added new columns for all my imported files. When the import concluded the “PHONE” number column is showing many phone numbers being international?!?! None of them are international. They are almost all Florida numbers. The program will not allow me to change the numbers back to area code and local number. Below is a screen shot of what it looks like. How do I change this to USA numbers?


Hi Bernie,

Firstly let me state that I’m not affiliated with and have no stake in it! I just work freelance as a consultant.

Regarding the Phone column: I’ve experienced a lot of issues with it. Unfortunately I have no advice regarding how to get it to work consistently.

Regarding fields for names/last names/salutations: This really depends on what your goals are. Do you need to use the data separately? For instance, do you want to use an automation to send an email that refers to a client by their first name? In that case, a separate field for names would be beneficial.

In general, is super versatile but not super specialised. Think of it like a Jeep: it won’t win any awards for speed or efficiency, but it can get you just about anywhere.

To use Salesforce as a comparison, I’d say is a lot more lightweight, which means it’s a lot easier to work with. You’re less likely to spend time bogged down in complex automations or permissions. It’s a lot easier to just change something about your workflow in

Adding in a last name field, for instance, might seem like a big deal to you when working with more dedicated CRM solutions. However, in, adding and removing fields is a matter of seconds. It’s a more trivial activity.

Still a pain to work with the Phone column though! :slight_smile:

A couple of actual workarounds for that are:

  1. Always include the country code (even when it’s +1 for US numbers)
  2. Use a text field instead of a phone column.
  3. Format your Excel document so that the number column is formatted as text before you import. This can help sometimes. Make sure that 0 is present there are the start.