Importing leads isn't importing everything

I have an Excel file with 291 leads, but when I import it the system is only bringing over 116. And it seems to be starting at row # 106, which appears to be totally arbitrary!

Any suggestions on what could be causing this?

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Your case seems quite curious to me. When importing an excel, you need to choose the column name based on which the monday items will be named. If you choose a column where there are also empty values, it would show up as empty on monday.

Now this does not appear to be your problem, but I think it is worth checking out.

I also would suggest checking out this article, and if you still face problems to contact monday support.,than%20one%20column%20on%20it.

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Thanks for the info!

I think that I’ve figured out the problem, but not the solution. In my list of leads, I have a lot of them with a company name and telephone number, but no contact name (yet). I manually looked through the first 50 rows, and all of the ones missing are the ones with no contact name.

What’s the best* way to get them to import to Leads when I don’t have a contact name?

  • recognizing that “best” is subjective, of course

Follow up to that: what I have is a salesperson that’s calling qualified leads about an ad with my company. In the spreadsheet, I have:

Company Name
Last Called
Time to Follow Up
Pre-Call Notes
Call Notes
Follow Up Notes

What I need is:

  1. The list to be de-duped

  2. Option for anyone that’s on the team to add leads

  3. Categorizing leads as “Yes”, “No”, “Try Again on X Date”, “Follow Up on X Date / Time”, “Transfer to X (salesperson)”, “Escalate to Jason”

  4. A reminder when that “Try Again” or “Follow Up” date / time is near

Am I even right that the best option is to have these under “Leads”?


As mentioned, normally even if you are missing the contact name, the item would still be created and named “Empty” on that column, not sure why it is not importing it.

  1. Only possible with the Manage Duplicates feature of monday’s CRM product.

  2. For this just configure the board permissions.

  1. Use a status column to achieve this.
  1. Create automation " 4 days before Date arrives, notify x".

Yes, you are right these are, at least to my understanding, your leads.

I sense you are just getting started on the platfrom, so if you need any professional assistance or training feel free to reach out to us here.