Supported column types for excel import (redux)

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Hi, I can’t figure how to open a closed topic but having the same issue as 7/21. Monday is NOT mapping a number of columns. It will not allow me to import and then change the cell type. Rather, it will only import 2 out of 12 columns. I tried naming my columns exactly as they appear in but that doesn’t appear to have any impact. Just spent a ridiculous amount of time putting the excel sheet together to have to hand enter into now.
If anyone has ideas, I’d greatly appreciate hearing them.

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Hi @SGrif :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your import.
Our import feature currently only allows Number, Status, Email, Date, or Text columns via the import, but you should be able to change the column types after import.

I’d like our support team to take a closer look at this. As this concerns your specific account and import it would be best to handle this on a 1:1 basis with the support team via email.
Could you please shoot the team an email to
It would be really useful if you could also include screenshots or a short recording of what you’re experiencing when you try to import the file - this will allow them to try to replicate the issue on their side.