Improvements on Excel to Monday import

We have been using Monday in a limited way for about a year now. Now we are trying to expand to much broader use. We have many extensive Excel workbooks that are being used to manage customer projects, tasks, issues, etc. With the existing limitations of the Excel importing this is a significant obstacle to transitioning to Monday.

My thoughts on what we need (mixed with general ideas)…

  • Allow more that 20 columns to be imported.
  • Allow import of data to existing boards
    • “Named mode”: The columns would be matched by name.
      • Options (Options would be set prior to import run.):
        • “new pulse” or “update”; new pulse – each row creates a new pulse, update – existing pulses are updated with non-blank values.
        • Errors: “cancel import” or “allow”; cancel import – errors are reported but now changes are made, allow – errors are reported but changes are processed based on the following options…
          • “drop columns” or “create new”: determines action for columns that are not found
          • Type mismatch: “drop row” or “skip cell”.
    • “Order mode”: each row creates a new pulse. Basically, the same as Named Mode. Except columns would be matched in sequence.
  • Allow ability to paste to existing pulses (because of significant potential for errors, may be predicated on implementation of editing undo feature):
    • Multiple columns, single row: paste data starting at existing cell. Each Excel column would be pasted to one cell, proceeding to the right until done.
    • Single column, multiple rows: paste data starting at existing cell. Each Excel row would be pasted to one cell, proceeding to the next pulse, same column until done.
    • Multiple columns, multiple rows: paste data treating pulses as rows, columns as, well, columns.

Anyone else have needs in this area? Is any of this on the product roadmap? When might we expect it?

I definitely agree. We need a way to add more columns to an existing board or template with an import that brings in the data from multiple columns, not just the first column. It would also be nice to have the ability to use “tab” to move between the text/number columns on a pulse to quickly enter data.

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