How do I use the time within a mirrored "date" column. Trying to create an automation ignores mirrored column. Thank you


I’m trying to create an automation based on date column, but the date column I have in this specific board, is mirrored from anther board.
When I create an automation, mirrored columns don’t show up and therefor I can not use them.
Is there any work around for that?

Thank you!

Hey Liran!

While mirrored date columns are not supported as triggers in an automation, you could use the General Caster or Autoboost apps to cast the mirrored date info into a regular Date column. Then, you can use this regular date column in your automation flow.

Would this work for what you need? Let us know what you think! :blush:

It worked!!
I used Autoboost to cast a mirror column into a “local” time column and then used it.
Thank you!

Hi Charlotte,

After using Autoboost, I’ve found out that only after a change in the mirror column , it updates the local column.
That creates a lot of problem, since if someone creates a new event, it doesn’t update that column. Only if we create an event and change the event time, then it updates.

Do you know how to fix that? Do you know a workaround?

And by the way, am I asking my questions in the right place, or is there another forum or group that can help us with those issues?

Thank you very much.

Hi Charlotte,
Do you know maybe how to solve this issue?