How does Upload Work? ( API BROKEN? )

500 Internal Server Error
If you are the administrator of this website, then please read this web application’s log file and/or the web server’s log file to find out what went wrong.

This is the response we get from any attempt to use the File add_file_to_column API v2 Documentation mutation. To simplify we are trying to just use postman to make this request. It would be nice if the error that it sent back wasn’t the same 500 error no matter what.

Please provide some clarity on why this simple example is not working.

Thanks in advance!

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Same here!

Also I’d would appreciate more instructions and real scenarios about the correct way to use that upload mutation. For example: In real react app or in a client, how could I do it?

Hey @Panguino and @rodrigowpl :wave:

I’m sorry to hear you were facing some issues uploading a file to through Postman. Let’s figure this out together!

It seems like your setup is almost right! That said, our API will not accept “operations”, and will instead expect query to hold your actual API call. It also seems you are using an endpoint, would you be able to change that to the following endpoint instead?

You can also find out a bit more about using variables in this API call in this community post:

Announcement: Uploading files to has just become easier

Additionally, feel free to take a look at a basic example of structuring the API call in the same using NodeJS below:

Uploading a file to with variables - example in NodeJS

I hope this is helpful :slight_smile: Let me know how things worked out!


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