How To Add Date Range To Api

Hi Vamsi Here!
I am exploring on Api documentation.
I found an Api where we can get all the items details with created date,updated date and status.
But I need in week wise. Like how many Boards and items are created in a week(mon to sun). Like Date parameters. If we enter particular date range the result should be display based on date parameters using Api. Can u please help me with this.

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I am afraid that at the time, we do not provide an option to filter the output you are getting from the API by date range in the GraphQL API itself, and this is something you’ll have to do on your end by making adjustments within your code directly. Does that make sense?


Thank u Alex. Zendesk CRM platform have enabled this feature. Y don’t can provide this feature.


Thank you for getting back to me!

Just from taking a quick look, ZenDesk seems to be using the REST API, and not the GraphQL API, so I assume it could be partially be related to that :slight_smile: That said, this is definitely something our users have been wanting to see in our API, and those requests are also getting more frequent. I’ve passed your line of thought to our development team and while I can’t promise this will be added to the API functionality arsenal soon, I’m sure we would be glad to implement this at some point in the future. We work hard to make our API better and better for our users and this would be an awesome feature to add for sure.

I hope that sheds a bit more light on this!


Thank u alex


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You’re always welcome, Vamsi! If you find yourself curious about anything else, I suggest searching through the community forum first to see if a similar question has already been asked previously :slight_smile: You might be able to find the answer to your burning questions faster that way.


can u please help with ‘get_items_by_column_value’ query. i need iteams created using userid

Hi @abhi,

That query varies a bit depending on which column you are trying to get information from. For example, on the email column it would be something like this:

  items_by_column_values(board_id: XXX, column_id: "email", column_value: "") {

Would you be able to start a new thread and share some details on what you’re trying to achieve?


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