How to add in a blank text box when 'other' is selected in a drop down on a form

I have created a form with one of the questions using a dropdown column. The purpose is for the person filling the form out to select the relevant choices to their enquiry, and I want them to be able to add more context when they select ‘other’. Am I using the right column type for this requirement?

Hi @janelegall !

You do have the right idea but I believe that conditional formatting is part of’s new feature called WorkForms. Right now it is free and you can try it today using this link!

This should allow you to format your form that when someone chooses a choice, you can have a text column pop-up to fill out.

Hope this helps!

Hi @janelegall :wave:

As @jailynnlucidday mentioned, this would be best achieved via our new Workforms product.
This is currently in beta, and you can find out all about it here:

The Workforms have more functionality than the standard monday forms feature and will allow you to set conditional logic - i.e. if Option 1 is chosen, show a text field.
Below you can see a screenshot of how this looks when building out your form:

The Workforms are completely compatible with the rest of the platform, so it sounds like it could be a good solution for you!



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