How to Cascade Values between Items of the Same Group with a Simple Formula

Hello to all fellow monday users,

I wanted to share exciting news from the team behind the Advanced Formula Boosters - the third-party app that is reinventing formulas in!

For those unfamiliar, the Advanced Formula Booster revolutionizes formula management by breaking free of the formula column and featuring its own editor that supports up to 100 lines (instructions). It allows you to:

  • Cast formula results to any type of columns (therefore, you can use the result of a formula in widgets, calendars, automations, etc.).
  • Update multiple columns with a single formula.
  • Use variables to store temporary values you can later use in the same formula.
  • Plus, many more features.

What’s new?
We recently introduced the ability to read/write columns from other items. By other items, I mean: the Previous item, the Next item, the Parent Item (if any) and the Sub-items (if any).

Example Use Case: Cascading values between items of the same group
Here is an example of what can be done with the use of the Next item. By inputting a Start Date in the first item, we calculate the End Date of the item (by adding the number of Working days specified in the Duration column), then we add 1 working day to this End Date and set it as the Start Date for the next item, which triggers the End Date calculation for the 2nd item, and so on.

Cascading Values

For the full explanation, please visit: Cascading Values between Items of the Same Group with a Simple Formula | mdBoosters Blog