How to change how selected columns update 'Progress'?

I use board created from template for ‘Agile Project Management’.
I have column ‘Progress’ which is based on 3 columns: Development, Documentation, Implementation. Each of these columns can have value: ‘Not Started’, ‘No Need’, ‘On Hold’, ‘In Progress’, ‘Done’, ‘Stuck’.
If I select ‘Done’ in any of these columns, this automatically updates column ‘Progress’.
I am looking for a way to update column ‘Progress’ in case I select ‘Not needed’ instead of ‘Done’.

Hi @Oleg - welcome to the community. All you need to do is set “not needed” as an additional “completed” status. On your status column, go into the menu (…) > settings > Customize Status column


Then select the additional status you want to be seen as “completed”:


This should make the progress bar calculate as expected.


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Thank you, appreciate your help.

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