How to clear all columns after a day automations

Hi there!
I want to make an automations for my team that clears all task columns after the time i set it so i can always keep the same task page

Hi @bachusxversace ,

  1. create a new group where you want to keep your tasks that need to be cleared regularly. You can name this group something like “To Clear.”
  2. Click on the automations button at the top of your board. Then click on “Create automation” and choose “When the time arrives” as the trigger.
  3. Set the specific time when you want the automation to run. For example, if you want it to run daily at midnight, select the appropriate date and time.
  4. Click on the “+” sign under “Add action.” Search for “Move items” in the list of actions and select it.
  5. In the “Move items” action, choose the group where your tasks are located (e.g., “To Clear”) as the source group. Then, select the destination group where you want to move these tasks after clearing them. You can create another group named “Cleared” for this purpose.
  6. Map the columns from the source group to the columns in the destination group. If you want to keep the same column structure, make sure the columns in the source and destination groups have the same names and types.
  7. Once you have configured the action, click “Save” to save the automation.

Please note that this method moves the tasks to another group, which might not completely clear all columns .

With Make, you can set up a scenario that clears all task columns in after a specific time.

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