How to Create a Comprehensive "To-Do" List of Active Subitems


I have 6 boards as follows:

  • Deals
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Leads
  • Legal Requests
  • Leads Category 2

On a regular basis, subitems are created under various records by various people under all 6 boards.

The screenshot included here below shows that there are 2 subitems which are not “Done”. However, these are only the active subitems for a SINGLE record among many records, under multiple boards.

Is there a way to create a board/view/report which displays:

  • ALL subitems from ALL records under ALL boards
  • WHERE Status is NOT “Done”
  • The board/view/report should display the following subitem columns:
    Subitem, Owner, Status, Date

Any help would be greatly appreciated.