how to export data to Tableau?

Hey Community,

I’m looking to export data from to Tableau Software and could use some guidance. Has anyone successfully done this? Any tips or steps you could share?


Hey Jack!

Charlotte here from the monday team! :wave:

It sounds like perhaps this app could be a good fit for helping export your data to Tableau! Let us know what you think!


Hi Charlotte,

Thanks so much for your quick response. Looks like it might be the perfect solution for my data export needs. Any specific tips or steps to get started?

Appreciate your guidance!

Best, Jack


Hi Jack,
For a step-by-step guide on connecting to Tableau using our Tableau Connector by Alpha Serve, head over to Tableau Integration Guide. Additionally, you’ll find detailed instructions at Tableau Connector for Documentation.If you face any challenges or have questions, reach out to our support team: They’re here to help!


@AnnaO Thanks so much for the info!

Hey @user.1188

Thanks for reaching out to the community! helps you monitor different KPIs including project speed, hours spent by the workforce, open tasks, etc. These metrics are valuable since they help you make intelligent decisions related to resource planning. By integrating with Tableau using a third-party app connector, you can gain first-hand access to valuable data from every corner, evaluate it, and make better decisions.

If you’re seeking the right third-party app connector for linking these platforms, reach out to integrations experts. They can help you load data to a database and help you analyze information using Tableau effortlessly.