How to increase resolution in scheduler view

Currently if I set my project sheduler view to days, I manage to get only 11 days on my screen in huge squares. Not helpful how do I increase the resolution to show a couple of months in one screen on the day setting? Thanks in advance. B

Hey Boyd! When you mention your project scheduler, are you using a Calendar View, Workload View, or another feature? Perhaps you could reply with a screenshot so I can try replicating in my own account and figure out another solution for you! :blush:

Hi Charlotte. Hey thanks from NZ. I have a number of people working on multiple projects all of the time. I used to use an Excel spreadsheet for planning and staff rostering. One cell per day. On one screen, because I was able to edit the size of the cells in Excel, I could see what was planned, who was doing the job, spaced out over several weeks at a glance. The squares on Monday.Com are too big. I guess the system would be ok for small businesses. I have attached a screenshot of how mine looks. Scrolling back and forth is not cool.

And the “weeks” or “months” view does not work for me.

One minor fix is to decrease the size of my browser but that is not really the ideal fix. So, in a nutshell all I want to do is decrease the size of the cells in Scheduler view.

Kind Regards Boyd