How to make to class schedule for a student that takes user input for the time of the class and display output in a table in python

Im sorry but im still new to programming. Im trying to create a schedule for a student that displays two different classes on four different days which are already predetermined but asks the user for the time of the classes which will change the the location of the each class in the table.

i created a list that contains the days of the week and the time of the classes. The output is turned into a table using the tabulate function but i cant figure out how to change the location of the classes depending on the input of the user

Hey @veeraRVR - I am thinking the formula column, specifically the IF function could come in handy for you here. That said, just to clarify, you’d like for a certain location to display based upon a specific time chosen by the student - is this correct? If you have any screenshots that would be greatly appreciated :pray: