Dashboard with My Week & boards with formula columns as dates

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a board with multiple dates:

  • The Event Date is the main date of the event
  • Date 1 is a deadline to do a task 2 weeks before the Event Date
  • Date 2 is a deadline to do a task 1 week before the Event Date

I’ve tried calculating Date 1 & 2 via an automation, but it doesn’t quite work like I want it (it only fills out the deadline e.g. 2 weeks in advance, but it should be visible sooner)
So I decided to use a formula column.
But: the formula column doesn’t show up in My Week, as it’s not a date, I think.

Does anyone have some tips & tricks on how I can manage this & see Date 1 & 2 in the My Week widget?