Show date from one of 3 date fields

I have a board pulling in linked items from 3 other boards. Each pulse has a due date from ONE of those 3 other boards. Can I create a column that displays the due date in one column?
In other words, it looks across the row and displays the due date?

One approach…

Add the 3 date columns to the board as mirror columns.
Add a formula like this: IF({Date 1}, FORMAT_DATE({Date 1}), IF({Date 2}, FORMAT_DATE({Date 2}), FORMAT_DATE({Date 3}))).
Hide the mirror date columns.

If you need it to be an actual date, I think you you will need an app or integraion. I don’t know if the “General Caster” app can use mirror columns, but it could be worth looking at.

Thank you!!! This helps ---- I do need it to be an actual date column, so I’ll check out that app.