Week Column Not Populating My Week section

We tend to have tasks that are due within a week period rather than an exact due date. However, when using the “week” column from the column center, the task does not seem to be pulled into the My Week section of each user’s account. It will only be pulled into the My Week section if it has an exact due date that falls within that week.

Is there a way to have the “week” column tasks also pull into the My Week section? This would be super helpful for us to keep track of all tasks we have in a given week more accurately.

Any insight/advice would be helpful! Thanks.


Great request.

Seems obvious that both Date (set as Deadline) and Week columns should appear in My Week, assuming that users only use one or the other column in a board to track items.

@Lea-monday.com Given that Monday does not currently track the Week column in My Week, I’m not sure why the Week column is there. Won’t items get missed?

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Hi guys,

Thanks for this feedback, which we will take to our product team!

Stay tuned for updates and keep the request coming :slight_smile: