How to manage multiple subitems with a Kaban chart

I like using the Kaban view with the multiple projects view. So we built our 1 year project and get a nice gantt diagram. Now, we need to manage the daily tasks from sprints. So the Kanban view is great for this purpose. However, the result is very general : only the status of the items can change of status from todo to done for example. Subitems (11 from my below picture/case) can not to be moved from a list to another. In fact, I need to use subitems because an items can last several weeks or months, so I need to decompose such items into sprints (items for a week) and tasks (items for 1 hour to 1 day).
A solution would be to duplicate the data from the gantt project and work with a different agile approach… but in this case, the data are not updated.
Maybe is there a best approach to keep all the data connected?

Thibaud (discovering Monday).

Hey @Thibaud,

Thank you for your feedback :pray:

I did just want to make sure I am understanding correctly:

Are you essentially looking for the ability to visually display the subitem status (and status changes) to identify that they’ve moved from their current stage, just like it does for parent items?

Does it help if you select the subitem status via the settings?

Hey @BiancaT ,

thanks for your answer !
Sorry, I will try to be clearer.
I can already visually display the subitem status enable subitems display from the settings of the Kanban, that’s OK.
However, the status of an item can be different of the status of every subitem that composes it. For example, task1 is ongoing (orange color), when subtask1 is finished (green) and subtask2 is notStarted (grey), like in this figure below.
But what if I want to filter focus just on this task, because is will keep me busy this week? In this case, I need to filter the whole Kanban view only with this item and its subitems displaying in the good colums. I need this in order to see what are the task of the (sprint of the) week.

For example, let’s suppose that we have a project with multiple sprints. Every item of my project is a sprint, a long task lastings a week. This item is composed by 5 important tasks. Every tasks (subitem) lasts 1 day.
In order to focus more on her/his job, my collaborator needs to see on the Kanban view just the 5 tasks of the week. She/he changes their status when things are done from ongoing to done.
How can I displays such a view?